Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stacy's Kitchen- Dinner 7 RESULTS

Hola Amigos! Yeah, that's about as much spanish as I know! lol! Even though I did live in San Antonio for 6 years and I did take 3 years of spanish in school... Hola is as good as it gets! So we will have to leave the spanish speaking stuff to Lynnette! haha! Well let's get to the Mexican Fiesta results and you do NOT want to miss out on these!!! =P

Lime Chicken Tacos
Ohh my, you little chicken tacos really are a taste of home!! I dont know if you all know, but I just moved to NC from TX, and mexican food is the one thing I MISSSS oh so much! I was so thrilled that lynnette found this recipe and I could not wait to cook it!! Well I followed all the directions to a "t" at first minus the corn (ew, slightly creeps me out having corn in my chicken!)... then after about 4 hrs of cooking I started to shred the chicken and it looked EXTREMELY dry... and honestly I started having MAJOR doubts about how it was going to turn out. I even took about some more meat from the freezer for "back-up." lol. Before I gave up on this little guy, I decided to try and doctor it up... I put some chicken stock and 1/2 a package of taco seasoning with about 1/2 cup of the salsa. I also added some fresh chopped onion and a sprinkle of garlic and wine seasoning. The results were AMAZING!! The meat was so tender and juicy and had flavor enough to kill! It wasn't too over powering but I do like a spicy chicken taco so the extra spice did hit the spot! I actually put the shredded chicken on a romaine lettuce leaf, I like to call it a "lettuce boat," it makes a healthier option to a tortilla or taco shell. I did make tortillas and shells as well, just to try it on all three. Brian's vote was for the tortilla, but he said all 3 were YUMMY! My personal favorite was the chicken on the lettuce boat and I made some homemade jalapeno ranch sauce over top with some freshly shredded cheese. It was to DIE FOR!! ah so good!!!  

Romaine Lettuce for the "lettuce boats"

Crunchy taco and lettuce boat taco

Lettuce Boat- My Fav!

Traditional Soft taco- Brian's fav

So needless to say, this dinner was a major HIT at this house!! It is so easy to make it cater to your tastebuds and change it up! I highly highly recommend making this! Just try it with some chicken stock so it doesnt dry up!

Rating: actual recipe I am only giving it a "B" because it was icky until I doctored it up... wayy too dry! But definitely try it with some modifications! :)

 Sopapilla Cheesecake Pie
Oh my goodness gracious! This is by far the yummiest thing we have cooked!! My pic looks a little crazed due to me being so impatient while it was cooling! It tasted like a cinnamon sugar gooey yummy pastry with a oh so delicious cheesecake surprise! If you looove cheesecake you MUST try this! I actually halved the recipe and found the no seam crescent rolls so it made it suuuuper easy to put in the dish! It is the easiest recipe and by far the yummiest we have made thus far! Try it! Try it! TRY  IT! It truly is a no fuss, easy peasy, yummy-licious recipe!

Rating: A++++ Delish! 

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