Friday, February 4, 2011

~ Lynnette's Dinner 5 Results ~

Sorry for the delay in results and postings.. Life gets in the way sometimes.. but all is well and here we go:

My Dinner 5 results..
I haven't been so excited to make a soup in such a long time! I love love love cabbage, and even though it does tend to leave a lingering stench (even after you've eaten it - lol) we hardly ever cook with it. So in our efforts to make it cool to cook cabbage again, we selected the Cabbage Patch Stew.

before it had cooked all night.. :)
the next morning! YUM!
I changed a lot in this recipe! ahah.. not really but the primary way of cooking it was changed..
I started off with 2 lbs of hamburger browned with the celery and onion.  While that was cooking away I sliced the veggies and opened all the required cans.. I then emptied them all into my crock pot.. Yup, MY CROCKPOT!!!! :) I started the soup at like 9 at night (we had a function for Bean's school) and let it cook all night, and all the next day!! :) Instead of beef stock I used chicken stock and seasoned with a table spoon of beef bullion granules.

I served it with a topping of shredded parmesan cheese and a sweet cornbread.. It was wonderful. Very yummy and comforting too! I will make it again for sure!

Now I wish I was as excited about the Pig Cake results as I was about making it. My results will be pretty short on this one.... 

I made it to exact detail of the recipe.. but I did not care for this dessert.. Ryan and our friend Kurt liked it.. or at least said they really did like it.. But I found that the topping was plain ol' weird.. and I really did NOT like the canned pineapple in the topping. To me it was lacking.. like maybe cream cheese would have thickened it up a bit and given it a bit more flavor.. :o\ Very disappointing.. 
I will not be making this one again.. Sad, because I had high hopes for the Pig Cake..

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