Tuesday, February 8, 2011

~ Lynnette's Dinner 6 Results ~

Howdy Howdy Ya'll!

So with Dinner 6 leftovers lingering in my refrigerator, I come to you with my results of this cooking session.. :)

Awesome Slow Cooker Potroast - This seriously was pretty dang awesome! :P I yet again made a few simple modifications..
I browned the roast in my dutch oven. Once it was completely crusted, I put it in the crock pot. Then added 2 cups of sliced baby portabello mushrooms  to the dutch oven add 2 tbsp of butter and then 1/2 cup beef stock.  I sauteed them until they looked completely cooked. I then added them to the crock pot as well! Yummy happy goodness going on in that crock pot For SURE! :)
This turned out really great! No wonder why over 180,000 people have saved it on Allrecipes.com! :)

Yup, that recipe is a keeper..

For Dessert we once again tried to conquer a recipe on Thepioneerwoman.com.
I decided to take this with me to a small Super Bowl Party. I made sure to get feedback from everyone who tried it!  And the verdict was pretty good! :)
Well by golly, this time we did it!!! 
The Cherry Cake Pudding was really good. It was a unique flavor, which is nice in a dessert. Well in this one it was...  :)
making the cherry reduction.. this is where smellivision really would come in handy...

Cherry Cake Pudding all ready for the big game.. and waiting to be topped with Vanilla Bean ice cream!

The cake wasn't overwhelmingly cherry. I did think that it could do with a little less pecans.. But I think that was due to my own error.. I measured them already chopped instead of measuring them whole and then chopping.. :) but is was good none the less.  It was very easy to follow and quick to make as well.

I also served it with Vanilla Bean ice cream as apposed to whipping cream. I believe it was a perfect compliment!
okay, I know, not the best beauty shot.. but come on, it was a super bowl party.. notice the plate ~ Go PACK! lol!

I would say that these two recipes were a success!  I will make both of them in the future!

Can't wait to hear Stacy's feedback as well! Keep an eye out for Dinner 7, coming soon!!

Happy Cooking!

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