Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stacy's Kitchen- Dinner 5 RESULTS

Happy Saturday Everyone! I know, I know... we were completely slacking this week, but Life happens and you just have to roll with the punches sometimes! :)  I was so excited to make these two recipes! Which involved the most underappreciated veggie, CABBAGE, which truly is yummy in every way! Trust me, add cabbage to any veggie stew or soup and the results will AMAZE you! So lets get to the results....

Cabbage Patch Stew
First off, how stinkin (no pun intended) adorable is the name?! The stew was AH-MAZING! If you had Brian's reaction, when he saw me cut up almost an entire head of cabbage, you most likely are not thrilled about this recipe. I put cabbage in almost every tomato based soup I cook, and he loves it... however he did not know it was cabbage until the other night when I cooked this! lol! He was like "ewwww... cabbage is so gross." Well honey dear, you love cabbage and dont even know it! So trust me, try it and you will love it! I did do a few minor changes to cater more towards B's and my tasters. I omitted the beans, added chucks of potato, used 1 can beef broth, and 1 can water. I then added some "better than bouillon" chicken (about a tsp or so... just taste it) and I followed the rest of the recipe. The results were soooooo Good! It has been cold and rainy here lately in NC, so this stew hit the spot for sure!

This is the bouillon I live by!  It truly makes allllll the difference in the world! It's a little more pricey, if you're military the commisary does normally carry it for cheaper, and if you're like the rest of us- look at kroger, heb, or your local grocery store... you can always ask to see if they carry it! It's worth it... trust me!
We ate it will some buttered bread and it was YUMMMMO!
Rating: A


Pig cake, you cant help but just gravitate towards the sound of that dessert! ha! Maybe, you can... either way, we took on this Pioneer Woman's recipe. First off, let me first tell you how you MUST MUST check out her website. It's awesome!! 

This recipe started off Amazing! The batter was YUMMY-LICIOUS! As you can tell from my experience with the Whoopie Pies extravaganza, eating the batter and tasting the dough are my FAVORITE things to do when I cook desserts. This recipe had a super yummy batter... I definitely licked the spoon! The cake itself came out amazing! You couldnt even taste the oranges in the cake, it just made it extremely extremely moist. However, the topping, I cant say the same for. When i was making it, I first had the hardest time figuring out the measurements. The way Pioneer Woman has it set up is she goes through  all the steps with the corresponding pictures (which i love btw) and then the actual breakdown of the measurements is at the bottom. Well dont pull a "Stacy" and try to squint your eyes really hard at the picture trying to figure out the size of the measuring cup by looking at the picture... and yes, I did that! So needless to say my topping was GROSS! It was very very thin, so I kept adding powder sugar... big mistake yuck! I did put the topping on ONE slice of the yummy cake and it was pretty nasty. I ended up just putting a vanilla whipped frosting on  it and it was good! I will most definitely be making the "CAKE" again, but will leave the topping off and will just frost it with normal icing. We had couples game night last night, and they all LOVED the cake!

(Cake) = A
(Topping) = D-

Thank you for all being patient with us this week with the responses! :)

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