Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stacy's Kitchen- Dinner 4 RESULTS

Happy Thursday, my wonderful cooking friends! I am so thrilled to blog about tonight's recipes! To say they came out amazing is truly an understatement!! Here is the run down on the recipes...

Mushroom Chicken
(for the recipe click here)

My goodness, I dont even know where to start!! Well, I guess I should first explain how much I LOVE crock pot/slow cooker recipes! I am always trying to find new recipes for slow cookers and this website ( has so many options to choose from. I am so happy Lynnette and I chose this recipe. Since I am only cooking for myself and Brian, I used 2 boneless/skinless chicken breast but I kept the sauce amount the same as the recipe (which I am sooo happy I did, more sauce for the noodles). I used turkey gravy instead of chicken bc that is what I had in my pantry. I also used mushroom soup with a white wine from SutterHome (cheap but does the job!) I added fresh mushrooms and the cream cheese about 1 1/2 hrs before serving. I know the recipe called for only 30 minutes of cooking, but i changed the time due to some of the reviews of the cream cheese being all clumpy when it was served. I served it over bowtie pasta and my gosh, it came out AMAZING! Brian walked in the door from work and said "HONEY, What are YOU COOKING!?" haha! It smelled the entire house up! mmm mmm good! When B took his first bite, he said "I think we have officially replaced our chicken alfredo recipe" (Which, by the way, is his FAVORITE pasta recipe! If that tells ya anything about this dish...) I will say this, if yall dont try any other recipe, try this ONE! You will not be unhappy! It's easy and the results are truly amazing! Brian said after dinner, "Honey, you DID write this down in our cookbook, right?!" haha Well, Rest easy my dear, this recipe is here to stay!

The only thing I dont like about slow cooking food, is the clean up! The food can get all caked on and is such a pain to get off! Well I found these little liners at the store and I am soooooo happy I did! It makes the clean up as easy as making the dinner! Just pick it up and toss it in the garbage. The bag is plastic but it doesn't melt, not even on high. I highly recommend these liners to anyone with a crock pot!!

Rating: A++++

 Country Apple Dumplings
(recipe can be found here)

These little guys were sooooooo good too! Easy easy easy to make! I cut the recipe in half, since it's only B and I eating, which still came out to be alot. I followed the recipe to a "T" (Im so proud of myself... haha). I needed to redeem myself after my disasterous whoopie pie-saucers, and my goodness did I do so with this recipe! They tasted like a goey cinnamon  roll crossed with apple pie! I paired it with Blue Bell Vanilla Ice Cream and I seriously think my tummy is still in heaven from eating it!! Sooo sooo good! I cant say it enough!  

(They dont photograph very well, but they made up for it in taste!!)

Rating: A+


Now this wasn't on the menu for tonight, but I finally found dry packets of yeast for the dinner rolls in our Dinner 3 Menu! yay! Sooo, I decided to make them tonight as well! ( I mean heck, I am already overloading myself on carbs, might as well go out with a bang! haha!) Well I wish I could say these little guys were as great as the other two recipes I cooked today, but unfortunately they werent. Ive never made bread, or homemade rolls ever... pillsbury is my bestie when it comes to biscuits and rolls.... but I was up for the challenge! Im not sure what I did wrong, but they didnt rise and they came out looking like little hard ping pong balls! I dont know about you, but when I have a dinner roll, I want it to be soft and moist! I couldnt even taste it because they were so hard and crunchy... maybe I just overcooked them (which I totally wouldnt be surprised) BUT I did follow the recipe to a T!

I think from now on, I will stick with my pillsbury store bought rolls! lol!
Rating: C-

All in all, tonight's dinner ROCKED! The slow cooker Mushroom Chicken and the Apple Dumplings are by far KEEPERS! Try them and ENJOY them!!!! You will not regret it! Happy eatings!! :)


  1. Stacy-

    I miss your cooking! Sounds delicious.

  2. awww sammy!!! I miss cooking for you!!! hehe! Yall definitely tried some "science experiments" back in the day! haha!