Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stacy's Kitchen- Dinner 8 RESULTS

Okay, so apparently, I completely fell through on my promise to stop being a slacker! lol! The last 2 weeks has been so hectic with Valentine's day and then we went out of town on vacation... so I PROMISE I will be more on top of things now! haha! (Let's see if I can stay true to my promise this time =P ) 

Now on to the results....

Lasagna Rolls
So, this recipe was good... but I did have to modify it a smidge. I make lasagna all the time in my house, and it's one of Brian's favorite recipes. Well he doesn't like it when I change alter recipes he likes lol. So with that being said, I tried to modify it a wee bit by adding ground beef to the mixture... The recipe as a whole was very similar to the one I cook just minus the spinach. As soon as brian saw it, he goes "EWWW what is that green stuff? Why did you change the recipe?" I swear I feed a 5 year old at times... lol! Anyways, he said it was good but he liked my original recipe better. Soooo, it looks like I wont be cooking this again. We did have company over that night, and Carly said she LOVED it. I personally didn't care for the prep of this recipe. It seemed really tedious with having to roll each one up. I much rather just slap it in a dish and throw it in an oven. lol.

Rating: B

Spumoni Cookies
O.M.G! These little things were AMAZING! I was soooo nervous about cooking something that had pistachios and cherries inside of a cookie... but by golly miss molly, i was soooooooo wrong! We alllll ate these little guys up like there was no tomorrow! The only thing I did different was I added dried cherries and it was fabulous! These were so moist, and soft, and then when you would bite into them you would taste a nut with some tart but sweet cherries covered in chocolate! YUMMO! I will make these again, and again, and AGAIN!

Rating: A+

Hope you all had a wonderful almost 2 weeks, while we went on hiatus lol! Check back soon, because we will be posting Dinner 9 recipes today or tomorrow! :)

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